What is the Difference Between an Acrylic Spa & Roto-Mold Spa?

As one of the first companies to introduce acrylic hot tubs to the hot water industry, Sunrise Spas has been a market leader and one of the world's largest brands of acrylic hot tubs.

What is an Acrylic Spa?

Acrylic refers to synthetic or man-made plastic materials and is the traditional material used for spa manufacturing.

Acrylic spas are typically constructed with several layers, including an acrylic shell and fibreglass reinforcement. The acrylic is heated and drawn into a mold through a process called vacuum forming, giving the spa it’s intended shape. The result is a molded shell with a smooth, glossy look.

What is a Roto-Mold Spa?

Rotational molding, or roto-molding is the process of heating high-density polyethylene in a large mold on a rotating axis.

When the plastic is cooled and removed from the mold, the result is the hollow shape with a clean plastic finish.

Roto-Molded items have been around for many years, but the process is a more recent choice for manufacturing hot tubs.

Acrylic vs Roto, Sunrise Spas

Why choose an Acrylic Spa over a Roto-Mold Spa?

In addition to superior strength and chemical resistance, acrylic maintains excellent resistance to weathering, infrared/ultraviolet radiation, staining and scratching.

The exceptional quality finish of the acrylic surface enhances the overall appearance and serviceability of your spa, ensuring ease of maintenance.

Other Benefits of Acrylic Spas Include:

  • Superior structural integrity and durability.
  • Aesthetically more beautiful than a roto-molded spa, with a glossy finish and more colours to choose from.
  • Smoother curves and lines.
  • Non-yellowing.
  • Faster heating, with better heat retention.

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