SJ-1500 Swim Spa

2017 JetSwim Series - North America

The SJ-1500 swim spa is designed for a luxurious swimming experience with 6 powerful swim jets to provide you with the wellness you're looking for.

Enjoy the benefits of the JetSwim SJ-1500. Standard features include six cascading lighted water spouts, eight points underwater lighting, one main light, an ozone system and one 1.5 Hp dual-speed jet pump and two 4 Hp single-speed jet pumps powering the 6 swim jets and 12 hydrotherapy jets.

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Sunrise JetSwim Platform

  • Lucite Acrylic with Fibreglass Shell
  • Heavy Duty Support Structure
  • Synthetic Cabinet

Product Information

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2016 European Sunrise Spa Warranty


JetSwim Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual

Sunrise Swim Spa JetSwim Series - SJ-1500

Spec Sheet


Dimensions 180" x 92" x 55 5/8"
457cm x 232cm x 140cm
Water Capacity 8,101 Litres/2140 US Gallons
Jets 6 Swim Jets
12 Hydrotherapy Jets
Swim System Jetted
Filtration 50 sq ft
Heater 5.5Kw
Jet Pumps One 1.5 Hp Dual-Speed
Two 4 Hp Single-Speed
Electronic Controls Digital Control System
Dry Weight 1,645 lbs / 746 kg
Cover Thermal Cover System
Cabinet Synthetic Cabinetry
Structure Heavy Duty Support Structure
Cascading Lighted Water Spouts Standard
Under Water Lighting & Main Light Standard
Cabinet Sconces Perimeter Lighting Optional
Bluetooth Audio System Optional

Available Finishes

Acrylic Colour (Interior)

Cabinet Colour (Exterior)

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