Sunrise Spas is an official Partner of the Elite Pool Program

The Elite pool program dealer membership is made by of the brightest, most forward thinking and progressive business minded dealers in the industry that set the standards of online marketing and strategy excellence.  Our dealers have hundreds of online abilities designed specifically for pool and spa dealers. THE ELITE POOL PROGRAM is more than just a business solution, it’s strength formed by a community of member resources!

We build leading pool/spa dealers!

5 Components of the Elite Pool Program will make you an online Pool/Spa industry leader!
All seamlessly work together to streamline and automate your business.  Entire program exclusive to Elite Pool Program Members.

Elite Pool Program Community Interface Website Design

Modern, high impact, professional design!  The design interface that distinguishes you as a member of part of the largest online Dealer business network of it's kind. More online abilities than any other local pool/spa dealer and more interactive services for your clients.  Qualified leads will no longer fall through the cracks or easily be forgotten when more activities and tasks pile up on you in your daily routine. This results in a higher conversation of sales.

Web Power Box  
(Lead Generation, Lead Capture, Online Strategy Layer)

Plugs into your website,  email servers, social media accounts and more! There is nothing else like it. Over 80 plug and play applications that can be deployed directly to your website all specifically designed to engage customers and generate leads for a Pool/Spa Dealer.  A built in 220 point strategy program has resulted in a 100% to 500% increase in online leads for most of our pool/spa dealers.   

(Lead Management, Lead Conversation Layer)

The application designed to help pool and spa dealers track qualified sales leads and help turn them into paying customers. It is the tool that will finally allow your business to centralize, manage and automate follow-up of all the leads that come through your door, that come from referrals, and that will be coming from your powerful new website. 

(Lead Retention, Lead Loyalty Layer)

It's like having an extra person to keep in touch with your customers and help sell more. It automates all the sales follow-ups that you know you should be doing but never have the time to do. Scheduled and personalized customer service follow-ups, product and service promotions and maintenance notices sent by your virtual sales person that never misses an opportunity to drive more sales!  The ARM provides customized communication based on the profile of the customer and only sells what is relevant to that client.

ACDC - Automated Content Delivery Client
(Vendor content feeds directly to your website)

 Have you ever imagined having discontinued products disappear from your website automatically or having new ones simply appear by themselves? Or imagine having all quality images, accurate skus and accurate product descriptions from your suppliers appear automatically on your website. Your dream has come true. Save the time and frustration of collecting and updating the content for your Pool & Spa dealer website with ACDC. 

ACDC is an online automated marketing and product content feed service for pool & spa dealers.  The feed service client delivers distribution of quality vendor marketing presentations,  product catalogs, consistent vendor branding and much more directly to your dealer website in real time.  Elite Pool Program is on it's way to being the largest marketing and product information network in the industry!.