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General FAQs

Here are the answers to some common questions you might be thinking about as you start your hot tub hunt!

How much will my new hot tub cost?2018-12-20T11:24:12-05:00

There are a wide variety of hot tubs on the market today at a wide variety of prices. Manufactured with premium materials, exclusive massage features and additional options, Sunrise assures you a quality product at an affordable price. Contact your local dealer to inquire about upcoming sales and pricing.

How long will my hot tub last?2018-12-20T11:24:33-05:00

When you purchase a Sunrise Spas hot tub through an authorized dealer, we guarantee the spa with a comprehensive warranty. Your hot tub will provide years of enjoyment, worry-free. If you have any questions about maintaining and servicing your spa please visit our online owner’s manual section or contact your authorized Sunrise dealer.

Can a Sunrise Spas hot tub help with my stress, pain, or other physical conditions?2019-01-15T13:34:33-05:00

You should consult a medical professional for specific advice. It has been said that hydrotherapy — the combination of heat, massage, and buoyancy — can help relieve stress, pain and other symptoms. Heat dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow to carry oxygen and nutrients to sore and damaged tissues. Sunrise hot tub jets give your body a massage, relaxing tension from muscles, while the natural buoyancy of water relieves pressure on strained joints and muscles. Learn more about the health benefits of a hot tub.

Where should I put my hot tub?2019-01-15T13:35:57-05:00

Most Sunrise hot tubs are installed outdoors, although they can be installed indoors. To install your hot tub indoors, you’ll need to consider if it will fit through the door and if the structural strength of the floor is adequate to hold the hot tub. When filled with water, a typical 3-person hot tub weighs about 3000 pounds.

What special plumbing is needed for my hot tub?2018-12-03T11:18:24-05:00

None. Once your hot tub is in place, simply fill it with water from a garden hose. An easy access drain valve makes emptying your hot tub to clean or move it simple and quick.

How much horsepower does my spa pump rate?2018-12-20T11:25:52-05:00

Our North American Sunrise ‘Plug and Play’ hot tubs are operated by a 1.5HPR dual speed pump and a 120 volt spa pack. These models are great for when a 240 volt spa pack isn’t necessary. The majority of the North American Sunrise models are equipped with one or two 5.0SPL dual speed or single speed pumps and are operated by a 240 volt spa pack. Our motors are designed for increased performance while maintaining energy efficient operation.

Do I need special wiring to connect my hot tub?2018-12-03T11:17:35-05:00

When you purchase one of our North American ‘Plug and Play’ models, you can simply plug your hot tub into your existing, regular 115 volt electrical outlet. When connecting to your regular outlet, do not share the circuit with any other appliance and be sure it has an appropriate amperage rating.

Whether you purchase a North American 240 volt 60Hz system or a European 230 volt 50Hz system, all equipment is required to be hardwired by a professional. Please note: warranty coverage does not cover equipment damage caused by wiring installed and connected by an unlicensed electrician or incorrect wiring completed by a licensed electrician.

How do I keep the water clean*?2022-10-25T11:30:58-05:00

With your hot tub purchase, we recommend our Spa Sure Easy One Step Spa Care Solution. It is a weekly maintenance product that will reduce the amount of chemicals you need for maintaining clear and clean* water. That slimy feeling that spa water can often leave behind is gone, replaced by a silky soft feeling with a soothing lavender scent . It protects your hot tub’s equipment from scale buildup. Contact your authorized Sunrise dealer for more information and remember to have your hot tub water tested for accurate water chemistry analysis. It is important to have proper testing performed by you dealer, as unbalanced water is the cause of many component, fittings and cover failure. In some cases, to allow for warranty coverage, water analysis history is required when claim is submitted.

*Clean is defined as the removal of microscopic (to 30 µm level) debris from the water.
How often should I clean my hot tub?2018-12-03T11:16:39-05:00

With regular use and well-maintained water, we recommend you clean your hot tub about once every three months. Essentially, this involves draining the water from your hot tub, brushing the sides and refilling with fresh water from a hose. Consult your owner manual for specific instructions.

How is temperature controlled?2018-12-03T11:16:15-05:00

Sophisticated digital controls ensure that the water in your hot tub will be kept within one degree of the temperature you select. This ensures your comfort, and more importantly, your safety, particularly if children will be using the hot tub.

Are water jets adjustable?2018-12-20T11:27:07-05:00

Sunrise hot tubs are manufactured using a variety of jets, from directional and non-directional to our rotational massage. These jets are strategically placed throughout the hot tub to target specific areas of the body with the majority of jets, having the ability to adjust the degree of water and air flow. Each volume-adjustable jet offers different, soothing flow patterns so you can customize your own individual massage experience.

How long does my hot tub need to heat before it’s ready to use?2019-01-15T13:38:09-05:00

Controls for your Sunrise hot tub allow you to choose whether to keep your hot tub warm and ready for use at all times, or set it to heat when you’re most likely to use it. Whatever you desire, your hot tub can be customized to be ready for you when needed.

How long does it take to initially start up my hot tub?2018-12-03T11:14:52-05:00

Approximately 24 hours.

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