Hot Tub Planning Tips from Sunrise Spas

Are you ready to take the next step toward enjoying the relaxing spa lifestyle a Sunrise hot tub will bring? Consider these pre-planning questions when choosing the perfect location for your hot tub.

Whether your main goal is entertainment, health and wellness or quiet solitude, it’s important to consider the purpose of your Sunrise Spas hot tub when choosing the perfect model and location in your home.

Installing your hot tub in a private area will enhance your spa experience. Consider a hot tub that works with a location that provides a naturally private and cozy atmosphere, like areas outdoors hidden by taller plants.

If such a location isn’t available, installing modular wall systems or paneling is a great way to create privacy around your hot tub.

The closer you install your hot tub to your house, the more you can expect to enjoy it.

If you’re considering a deck option, make sure you choose a model that can be supported by your deck’s construction.

A patio is also a great and convenient option for your hot tub installation.

The view is an important consideration when finding a place for your hot tub. Imagine the difference a beautiful view will make when you’re enjoying the relaxing benefits of your Sunrise Spas hot tub.

Watch for standing water or puddles; you might need drains or grading to be sure water will flow away from where your hot tub will be placed.

Think about whether your hot tub should be placed in direct sunlight, or if you need protection from wind on cold evenings in the winter.

To ensure you get the most use of your hot tub year round, consider the climate around you before installing.

With our plug and play models simply fill your hot tub and plug it in to any standard outlet for power. Our other models can easily be hardwired by a licensed electrician.