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Sunrise Swim Spas

TruSwim Collection

Unrivaled in the market, TruSwim Collection spas will transform your lifestyle with state of the art home fitness, hydrotherapy and relaxation. The patent pending hydraulic dual prop propulsion system provides a wider swim lane and fitness area for a more efficient and dynamic experience. TruSwim models are designed to meet the demands of training athletes, beginner fitness enthusiasts or a fun filled day with family and friends.

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JetSwim Collection

Offering family fun, aquatic exercise and relaxation, JetSwim Collection spas create an inviting backyard oasis without the hassle or expense of owning a traditional swimming pool. Each model is powered by six powerful swim jets. Receive full body relaxation, from neck to toes, with our unique jetted hydrotherapy massage design that soothes tense, over-worked muscles and joints for a healthier, more vibrant you.

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Vitality Collection

The Vitality Collection budget-friendly swim spas offer all the benefits of aquatic exercise for those with their waistline in mind. Run, walk, jog, lift weights and experience the NEW AquaForce Pully System or AquaCross Tether System with a Vitality swim spa. Enjoy your backyard year round and simply relax in the warm waters of a Vitality swim spa with family and friends.

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